Code of Ethics

The California Pawnbrokers Association Board of Directors has established the following policy regarding membership in the association. Each member must agree to uphold the Code of Ethics.


  • Maintain appropriate licensure.
  • Member will strive to comply with all statutory requirements, be knowledgeable of applicable policies and procedures and keep informed of existing Local, State and Federal Laws as a minimum guide for the fulfillment of responsibilities to the community.
  • Never exceed the bounds of legally granted authority, rates of interest or fees.
  • Maintain an attitude of fairness, honesty, respect, courtesy and good faith in all transactions.
  • Cooperate with colleagues to promote common interests and concerns and facilitate ethical and competent professional performance.
  • Manifest personal integrity and assume responsibility and accountability for individual judgments.
  • Strive to avoid any conflict of interest or appearance of conflict of interest.
  • Seek and maintain competence in professional skills and contribute to the ongoing development of the profession’s body of knowledge.
  • Manage transactions prudently; with care and judgment, maintaining appropriate detailed records.
  • Seek competent professional advice where this knowledge would benefit the transaction of business.

Violators of the above provisions shall be subject to professional discipline and/or removal from membership in CAPA.