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California Pawnbrokers Association

We’re an association of secondhand dealers and pawnbrokers in California, and we’re the only one of our kind in the state. The members of California Pawnbrokers Association (CAPA) work to uphold the best ethical conduct with established best practices that we follow and obey local, state, and federal laws and regulations.

Since CAPA was founded in 1956, we’ve worked for the interests of responsible secondhand dealers and pawnbrokers, numbering in the tens of thousands. We serve our membership with professional education, legal resources, industry programs, and legislative advocacy.

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CAPA’s Community Involvement

All of CAPA’s members work in community outreach programs in an effort to earn value and respect from their communities. CAPA is dedicated to giving back to the communities that we serve through providing scholarships, supporting charitable causes, and donation programs. In addition, members also encourage and foster good relationships with state legislators, community leaders, local government, and law enforcement.

CAPA’s Code of Ethics

The Board of Directors for California Pawnbrokers Association has established this policy pertaining to membership in our association. Every member is required to agree to uphold this Code of Ethics.

  • Maintain appropriate licensure.

  • Strive to comply with all statutory requirements, be knowledgeable of applicable policies and procedures, and stay informed of existing Local, State and Federal Laws as a minimum guide for the fulfillment of responsibilities to the community.

  • Never exceed the bounds of legally granted authority, rates of interest, or fees.

  • Maintain an attitude of fairness, honesty, respect, courtesy, and good faith in all transactions.

  • Cooperate with colleagues to promote common interests and concerns and facilitate ethical and competent professional performance.

  • Manifest personal integrity and assume responsibility and accountability for individual judgments.

  • Strive to avoid any conflict of interest or appearance of a conflict of interest.

  • Seek and maintain competence in professional skills and contribute to the ongoing development of the profession’s body of knowledge.

  • Manage transactions prudently; with care and judgment, maintaining appropriate detailed records.

  • Seek competent professional advice where this knowledge would benefit the transaction of business.

**Violators of the above provisions shall be subject to professional discipline and/or removal from membership in CAPA.**

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Supporting California Pawnbrokers Since 1956.

We’ve worked for the interests of responsible secondhand dealers and pawnbrokers, numbering in the tens of thousands.



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