Dr. Pan, Law Enforcement, California Pawnbrokers Association Join to Solve Crimes

Dr. Pan Joins California Pawnbrokers Association- AB 391

Dr. Richard Pan, Assemblymember, 5th District

SACRAMENTO – The State Senate Committee on Public Safety has unanimously passed AB 391, a bill authored by Dr. Richard Pan (D-Sacramento) that would create a statewide partnership to build an online reporting system allowing law enforcement, pawnbrokers and secondhand dealers to work together more effectively to track potentially stolen items.

“I would like to thank the California Pawnbrokers Association and law enforcement leaders like Attorney General Kamala Harris and Los Angeles Sheriff Lee Baca for working to open a new front in the effort to keep our families and our property safe,” Dr. Pan said.  “AB 391 will help law enforcement, pawnbrokers and secondhand dealers to work together by creating an online database where they can talk to each other and track the movement of stolen property.”

“I want to congratulate Dr. Pan for his work on AB 391 and thank all the members of the Senate Committee who voted for this bill,” said Wayne Bilowit, Lieutenant, Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department. “Its successful passage brings us this much closer to enacting a law that is much overdue and will help all of law enforcement better serve our communities.”

“Nothing disturbs pawnbrokers more than the chance that stolen property is entering our stores,” said California Pawnbrokers Association President Diane Taylor. “Less than one-tenth of one percent of items taken in a pawn transaction turn out to be stolen and we look forward to decreasing that number even further. That is why CAPA is working hard to get this database up and running.”

With over 80 Democratic and Republican co-authors in the State Legislature, Dr. Pan’s AB 391 is widely expected to be sent to the Governor’s desk this summer.  The bill would allow the California Department of Justice to create and administer an online database to which pawnbrokers would electronically report their transactions the day they occur.  Attorney General Harris is a sponsor of AB 391.

By comparing pawn and secondhand dealer transactions reported to the database with recently reported thefts, law enforcement can identify the stolen property, anywhere in the state, putting them on the trail of those who stole the property. The California Pawnbrokers Association, representing over 700 pawnbrokers throughout the state, supports the fee AB 391 would call on pawnbrokers to pay in order to fund the database.

Dr. Richard Pan is a father, pediatrician, educator, small business owner and first-term Assemblymember who lives in Sacramento. He also represents the Cities of Citrus Heights and Folsom and surrounding areas.