First Time CAPA Convention Attendee Shares His Experiences

Huntley wanted to give share his experiences attending this year’s 2011 Convention and Expo in Long Beach. We hope that you’ll join us next year. Here’s what Huntley had to say:

Dear members-

This year was my first time for attending the CAPA convention, being new to the industry, and I would like to share my impressions. I have been to many conventions over the years, having participated in a variety of different business fields in my working career, but this was one of the best meetings of its kind that I have ever attended. I was hugely impressed by the level of professionalism and accomplishment that our group shares. This is one of the greatest groups I have ever had the pleasure of associating with. So many people shared their experience and knowledge in a generous and open way. It was an extremely valuable trip for me, with all the different things I learned. I was astonished to find myself chatting with State Legislators over drinks, that was extremely interesting. I also liked the pace of the event, which left plenty of time for meeting new people along with the excellent presentations.

Thanks for a really rewarding, well organized, and fun weekend!

Huntley B.